Many people say "what is the point of an archive"?

It is a collection of historical records relating to a place, organization, or family. These are so important to our past, present and future.  A need to capture before they are lost forever. History is not ours to change or destroy but to learn from

An archive is nothing without content and for this we need as villagers to share what we have accumulated over the years.  Our village will live on long after us and there will be those who will say "why did they not record ........".

Hopefully with our website we are addressing the situation and adding as much as we can. Nothing is too small or inconsequential.

Much information so far has been gleaned by a lot of research, reading through old copies of the past and present village publications as well as villagers Christine Davies, Colin Flack, Dr. Fiona Mantle, Maurice Pullen and Robin Williams to name but a few who have kindly submitted their recollections.

Please, keep them coming

We continue to explore  village history and the history of the residents. Many women from all walks of life ‘did their bit’ during World War 11. Housewives struggled with rationing regulations, care of evacuees, worked in factories and on the land. Six women left Chinnor to serve in the armed forces and it is their stories that we would like to add to the website.  If any current residents have any knowledge of these women and are happy to share their stories we would love to hear from them.

The Heritage team